Releasing: Longform Editions: rousay/Deupree/Jensen/Strategy

claire rousay, Taylor Deupree, Clarice Jensen, Strategy
[Longform Editions, 2020]

A new batch of releases from the exquisite Australian label “Longform Editions”, available the week of October 12th, 2020. Not to be missed. Below, the message from the label to their followers:

“We’re pondering on how this feels like our darkest edition yet. This hasn’t been by design, though the majority of these pieces were created in the midst of our year of near-stasis and it feels to some extent that may have left its mark. Maybe it’s just us, but among other things, these can speak and respond to our moment – the stillness, the discord and how we are get closer to our core as human beings.
Coming next week.”