Andy Klingensmith (Chicago, IL)

Andy Klingensmith is a multi-disciplinary artist currently living and breathing in Chicago, Illinois. His work is primarily concerned with place, pace, and magnetic tape. He runs Empty Bliss, a DIY arts space which caters to extreme music acts with his partner Vanessa Valadez, a multimedia artist. He also manages Modern Concern, a small batch tape and CD-R label.

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Music: andyklingensmith.bandcamp.com

Estlin Usher (Chicago, IL)

Estlin Usher is a sound artist and composer working with synthesis, electro-acoustic techniques, and sample manipulation to create immersive and evocative listening environments. In collaboration with X. A. Li as Post Consumer Material, an artificial industrial/experimental media project based out of Chicago.

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Music: estlin.bandcamp.com

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