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Links to artists, labels, presses, etc.:

12k (Pound Ridge, NY, USA)
901 Editions (Roseto Degli Abruzzi, IT)
Alter (London, UK)
Arcane Object (Chicago, IL, USA)
Archaic Vaults (London, UK)
Ascetic House (USA)
Avian (Berlin, DE)
Bank NYC (Brooklyn, NY, USA)
Breathing Problem Productions (Austin, TX, USA)
Chicago Research (Chicago, IL, USA)
Chondritic Sound (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
Clinquant Pudendum (Chicago, IL, USA)
Co-Dependent (Unlisted)
Cold Spring (England, UK)
Dinzu Artefacts (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
Editions Mego (Vienna, AT)
Elli Records (France)
Experimental Sound Studio (Chicago, IL, USA)
Flag Day Recordings (PA, USA)
Forgot Imprint (Chicago, IL, USA)
Gathering Wool (Midwest, USA)
Hallow Ground (Lucerne, CH)
Hemisphäreの空虚 (Hobart, AUS)
Lillerne Tapes (Chicago, IL, USA)
Lime Lodge (New Mexico, USA)
Longform Editions (Sydney, AU)
Lurker Bias (Chicago, IL, USA)
Minimal Impact (Brisbane, AU)
Misanthropic Agenda (Houston, TX, USA)
Monorail Trespassing (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
Muzan Editions (Nara, JP)
New Focus Recordings (New York, NY, USA)
New Village Tapes (Enon, OH, USA)
Nihilist (Chicago, IL, USA)
No Coast / No Hope (LA/Chicago, USA)
No Rent Records (Philadelphia, PA, USA)
Northern Electronics (Stockholm, SE)
Nostilevo (Unlisted)
Opal Tapes (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK)
Orb Tapes (PA, USA)
Perfect Aesthetics (Russia)
Phage Tapes (Minneapolis, MN, USA)
Playreclabel (China)
Portraits GRM (Paris, FR)
Repitch Recordings (Berlin, DE)
Reserve Matinee (Chicago, IL, USA)
Room40 (Australia)
Rummage Records (Chicago, IL, USA)
Scrapes Recordings (Chicago, IL, USA)
Senufo Editions (Milano, IT)
Shelter Press (France)
Strange Rules (UK)
Structures Without Purpose (Crystal Lake, IL, USA)
Tone Glow Records (Chicago, IL, USA)
Tsss Tapes (Perugia, IT)
Vertical Music (Milan, IT)
Warm Milk Recordings (Jackson, MS, USA)
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