Post-Capital Club
is an experiment of criticism and publication
that strives to elevate forward-moving art, artists, and ideas.

Support Artists

Post-Capital Club started in the midst of the COVID-19 quarantine of 2020 in Chicago, USA as a response to the bloom of music, art, and creativity instigated by and carried through lockdown, tragedy, chaos, community, love, and everything else. We strongly believe that our current global social, economical, political, structural framework — whatever it is now and into whatever shape it may shift — has largely failed artists. We also believe that the best way to support art is to support artists directly and materially. Musicians, painters, fashion designers, label curators, reviewers; all of these roles are critical to bringing art and meaning to the world, and for many it operates at a loss and as a labor of love. In the large chorus of voices that pursue these ends, we endeavor to champion and bring attention to work we hold dear, and hope you hold dear as well. Please support artists directly by purchasing their work, merchandise, and whatever objects they are forced to create and sell in order to subsist in our current environment.

Support Ideas

Art is more than mere entertainment. We believe it involves the language of ideas, and can create and give new and transformative meaning to the world. Rather than focusing on just the ‘product’ of the artwork, this site attempts to listen generously and interpret through the art to make and inspire connections beyond the work itself. Whether the attempt is convincing or tenuous, we believe the exercise of an ‘experimental’ approach to criticism that posits a thesis and reflects critically on the results is valuable and encourages a discipline to engage actively and attentively with the form.

Support Growth

This site and its contributors work as a labor of love. It is only the expression of where we are as authors now, the ideas we are concerned with, and where we want to go. We are human, with all the flawed, insecure, and unconscious bias that humanity carries with it. We ask your patience and humor, and we encourage you to speak to us if anything on this site feels that it excludes you, is marginalizing of any community, or is exhibiting any bias that the authors and creators may hold. We may be flawed, but we are eager to learn and grow to better support and show solidarity with our small but mighty global community of experimental musicians, artists, and audiences. If you disagree with a claim, have a counter claim, or have any other comments, criticisms, questions, or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch through our Contact page. We value a critical, free, and open exchange of ideas to better ourselves, our practice, and our community.

Support Causes

In addition to art and ideas, we urge you to give support to causes and charitable organizations that engage deeply and effectively with political, social, and humanitarian causes. There is no better way to fight injustice than through direct and material support. Black Lives Matter. Solidarity Forever. Stand with and stand up for all oppressed and exploited peoples worldwide.

Dedicated to Andrew Patner. May his memory be a blessing.