sammie – “sound squirreling” [New Art City, 2020]

sammie – “sound squirreling”
[New Art City (virtual installation/navigable media), 2020]

Sound, visual, and new media artist sammie creates an immersive, navigable virtual installation. It’s absolutely captivating, with a balance of recognizable in-the-world objects and abstract geometries. A walk through an uncanny valley of rendered mesh, blinding silhouettes, and an eerie resemblance to the ‘netart brut’ of early 2000’s computer graphics experiments.

There are clear instructions on the page, but this virtual space allows you to explore the environment using the arrow keys, slipping ghost-like and disoriented through walls, planes, colors, and objects. Suffice it to say that there is a rich, infinitely complex experience at play in the combination of sound and visuals, whose juxtaposition, transversal, and interpretation is left to the viewer. The work as a whole is written in fairly ‘broad strokes’, and it certainly presents the material in the raw. The minimalism is effective. I am eager to hear, see, and experience the next virtual environments sammie brings to the world.

Access to the work is free, but there is a donation button on the page. This is a huge amount of work in an exciting direction–support the artist if you’re able.

One location within ‘sound squirreling’, by sammie