VAVABOND – “Non Serviam” [play rec label, 2019]

VAVABOND – “Non Serviam”
[play rec label, July 2019]

Aural detritus from objects around us. 5 powerful tracks from VAVABOND (CN), using a deceptively simple and straightforward approach: induction microphones picking up the sounds of electronic currents from everyday devices (phone, computer, mixer, ceiling light). The artist has an informative description on the bandcamp page regarding their intention and some of the more conceptual questions that arise from using induction microphones, and it’s worth a read. If you’re not familiar, induction microphones pick up the electromagnetic waves emitted from electrical devices. The sound world is remarkably broad, from raw bass drones (usually from simpler mechanical objects like the ceiling fan or mixer transformer) to digital glitch-inflected noise from the complex computer and cellphone circuitry. The ‘musicianship’ here is in how and where the artist places the microphone (which the artist describes as being quite sensitive to small changes), and the pacing and sound qualities are exceptionally well done. Each track title describes the object and manipulation that generated the sound, and this type of raw sonic realism is a powerful commentary on existence in the virtual age. Highly recommended.