Modern Concern

Modern Concern is a new, broadly focused distributor of small handmade paper-plastic products based in Chicago, Illinois. Our label was founded in March of 2021 to create a working conduit for a specific vein of experimental music which we believe is lacking dedicated representation in contemporary American circles. At this early stage, we are primarily focused on building a community of like-minded artists and curating new, forward-thinking sonic works.

We are committed to producing small batch physical runs of projects from the fields of sound art and creative composition which capture intimate, candid, or otherwise empathetic representations of our global life. These representations may be big or small, they may be important or unimportant, they may be real or imagined. They may be communicated with feelings or words, or thoughts or things, or places or people. We are interested in works which explore the nature of these aspects of our lives by engaging with them earnestly in recording, in composition, in listening, and in the processes of production. 

We are asking artists to submit work to the label which will be produced, for now, in small editions of 30 copies (with 15 copies being sent to the artist for their personal use) throughout the next year. Out of respect for conceptualization and your own time, there is no deadline or timeline for submitting your work. The sooner we establish a connection and begin to discuss your project, however, the sooner it may be actualized. We are currently interested in producing work on CD-R, and 3” CD-R, but are open to ideas for alternative media (including multimedia and digital-only releases). 

Because the label is in its infancy, and our audience is often international, the shipping and production costs related to each of our projects is considerable, causing us to operate with minimal margins when not at a loss. We cannot offer you payment for your release. However, we hope that in matching artists with personal copies of their work, and by dedicating ourselves to production (inserts, copy, images, video) throughout the process, we can foster a symbiotic relationship between producer and artist that is nurturing, transparent, and mutually-rewarding.

We are honored to share this space with you.